Find The Lucky Spot – Announcement Video

Find The Lucky Spot - Video

Gary and I recently released our third iOS game, entitled “Find The Lucky Spot”.   Lucky Spot is a game of chance;  Your goal is to uncover the luckiest spot on the screen and gain points by leaving as many unturned spots as possible.  We’re very proud of how the game turned out, and if you own an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, please feel free to check the game out on the apps store, or learn more on The Games Page.

As part of our media kit, I created a quick 30-second video to give out to some interviewers and game review blogs.  I used a lot of the existing artwork I had already created for the game, and put it together in After Effects.  Gary and Bill provided me some music and sound effects from the game to make the end product a bit nicer.

Kurt’s Complete Website

I’ve spent some time over the past year or so building a website and doing graphic design for my friend Kurt, who is busy growing a very successful landscaping business in my hometown.  Kurt’s Complete offers a lot of different landscaping services, and even does hardscaping and snow removal.  His business is top-notch, so it called for an an equally top-notch site to keep up with it.

Kurt needed a simple, but flashy website that he could periodically update by himself, and that could be used by visitors to contact him and leave testimonials to comment on his work.  He also has a friend that takes awesome photographs of the various jobs that they do, before and after, so a photo album was definitely a requirement.

I chose WordPress as the platform, and got to work crafting a website based on some prior graphic design and colors he’d gotten from a postcard maker.  The end result was this beautiful site.  It’s currently online at if you would like to visit and see.  If you live in Cinnaminson, NJ, or the surrounding areas, I highly suggest giving Kurt a call for his services;  He’s been cutting my parents’ lawn for the past two years and it’s never looked better!

Officially Open!

Well, it’s been a few weeks worth of work, but my new blog is finally at a point I consider releasable. Welcome to the new Art Blog!

My goal for this site was to separate The Games Page and my own personal/professional blog into two websites, seeing as we have plans for The Games Page to produce more commercial games in the near future. Also, it looks really neat and professional to have your own URL. I jumped on the DOT ME bandwagon because I think that URL is pretty nifty, and a little goofy at that.

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to my family (both my biological and in-laws), and my lovely Fiancee for supporting me during the building of this site. They put up with me :)

I’ve got a lot of sketches that I want to scan and upload to my portfolio, and I’m also considering making a section on the top-bar to house all of my sketches, including the non-portfolio worthy ones. Not sure when I’m going to have time for that, but I think it’s a good next step.

Hurdler Youtube Advertisement

This was a video that we shot for our iPhone game, Hurdler, to boost the sales on the App Store. We shot a guerrilla-style video of one of our friends dressed as Hurdler — which consisted of a knit cap, a white shirt, and white stockings — running around town jumping over things. I then took the footage and cut it against in-game footage of Hurdler jumping over and/or hitting the same obstacles in-game. Laced throughout the live footage are sound effects from the game. We put together a good mix of both, I think.

I cut the whole video in Adobe After Effects. I think it’s also worth mentioning that all the artwork you see in game is mine as well. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can download this game from iTunes for just $0.99! Just search “Hurdler”.

Animal Drawings for Shelly’s Touch

This is a work in-progress post!  Please keep checking this post for future updates!

My Fianceé, Michelle, is starting her own stationery business, and one of the products she wants to offer is kids stationery with fun, colorful animal characters on them. I’m going to be helping her design a line of characters. This post will contain all of the Shelly’s Touch animals.

This is Gordon. He’s a pig! Michelle had a customer request stationery with a cartoon character version of a pig on it. I was more than happy to lend my skills :) I drew Gordon by hand, and colored him in Flash.

Interface Design / Promo Art for Hurdler

For those that don’t know, The Games Page released its first commercial game on a widely-known platform last summer on the iPhone and iPod Touch. What better game than one of my personal favorites and one of our most popular, Hurdler! We’ve been working with a talented Mac programmer to help us port the game to Xcode, but rather than just port the game as-is, we also spruced the game up a bit in terms of presentation so that those that buy it feel they got their money’s worth. After all, the first thing the user sees when playing a game are the graphics, right?

My Wacom Tablet got quite the workout with this one. I did lots of Hurdler illustrations for the various screens throughout the game, as well as the interface design (buttons, special effects for user input). Below are some examples of these. The last screenshot depicts the areas of the screen that you touch to control Hurdler, similar to how you’d press the keys on a PC’s keyboard. They highlight when the user touches the screen:

In addition to win and lose screens and such, I also did the usual promo art thing. I had actually drawn up this promo art for Hurdler 2 a while back, but decided to change it up just a bit for the iPhone game. Notice my mad “modular” art skills

Finally, we’ve gotta depict the game on the apps screen somehow, right? The two images below will be first thing you see after installing either build of the game on your iPhone/iPod Touch (depending on if you get the “lite” version for free, or pay for the full game).

As you can see, this kept me busy for quite a while. This is far from all the artwork I’ve done for this game, as I’ve done much more interface work than just this, including a keyboard for name input. You can find Hurdler on the iTunes App Store, and the full game only costs a dollar!  Makes me wish I could afford the AT&T data plan…

Insight Customer Communications

One of D4 Creative Group’s clients, Insight Communications, asked them to do a campaign for promoting the special features of their cable, internet, and phone users to their customer base.  This series of spots was called “Customer Comm”.  I worked on these spots with D4 creative to help create a clean, colorful look that took their logo and transformed it into a visual metaphor that represented each service.

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Cole Hamels TV Commercials

One of the clients I do work for, D4 Creative Group, produces lots of advertising for the cable giant, Comcast.  This year, they’ve released a series of spots in cooperation with the Philadelphia Phillies, promoting their new Xfinity service.  In the spots, the Phillies’ pitcher, Cole Hamels, shows off his skills by pitching burning fastballs and busting plates from very far away.  They’re really clean and well-shot spots.

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Drawn To Fight (DTF) Character Animation

Drawn to Fight (formerly Stick Figure Fighters) is an experimental fighting game that Gary Gasko and I have been working on for quite some time in our free time. Gary programmed the entire engine from scratch in Java/JOGL. Our original goal was to have the game entered into the 2010 Indie Games Festival (IGF). However, we decided to pull out of entry due to the fact that the game still needs some polish. We may try again in 2011. Take a look at the video above to see our current build in action! Also, click the “Read More” link for a ton of in-game shots of the characters.
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Cathy’s Catering

Cathy Gunn owns a catering business that operates out of Palmyra, NJ.  She caters many weddings and events in the area around where I live.  A few years ago, she asked me to do a website for her that resembles the colors and styling of a printout of the menu that she hands out to her customers.  I was more than happy to oblige.

Cathy’s website houses the information for all of her catering packages and Dinners-to-Go, as well as locations of venues that she works with, copies of publications she’s been in, and — most importantly — glowing customer testimonials!  She’s also got lots of images of the events she caters, and you can see just how delicious her food looks.  If you live around Palmyra, and you need someone to cater your next event, I urge you to get in contact with her!

The website is mostly static HTML/CSS with Javascript-powered navigation.  There’s also a form her customers use to write and submit the testimonials online.  In addition to the website, I helped Cathy set up her web space and E-mail accounts.  Cathy’s been a repeat customer of mine, as I’ve done some fliers and coupons for her, too.